Michael Daitch

Vice President, Group Creative Director

When Mike was little he used to get all hopped up on sugary cereal, sit in front of the tube and watch Saturday morning cartoons. His mom would always yell, "You're going to rot your teeth out with sugar, and melt your brain sitting that close to the TV!" Years later Mike is a big-time advertising executive, he’s exchanged his television for a computer, sugary cereal for a quad espresso, and his love of cartoons for a unique approach to translating marketing strategies and insights into brand stories that consumers can easily digest.

Mike is currently a VP, Group Creative Director at Digitas, and has worked in other global, industry-leading shops — such as Euro RSCG, Circle.com, and Standard & Poor’s — for over 15 years. Throughout his career, he's worked with a number of renowned brands, including American Express, Bank of America, Campbell’s Soup Company, General Motors, Lexmark, Merrill Lynch, New Balance, OnStar, Pepperidge Farm, Saturn, Verizon, and XM Satellite Radio.

Oh, and it turns out his mom was right he does indeed have a mouth full of fillings.