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Kristen Harris

Director, ECM Solutions
Zia Consulting

Picture of Kristen HarrisKristen Harris has 20 years of experience leading information architecture programs and strategies for enterprise content management solutions. She has served as Technical Trainer, Lead Taxonomist and Director of Web Engineering for Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation, and as Senior Manager of Enterprise Knowledge Management at Level 3 Communications prior to joining Zia Consulting as the Director of ECM Solutions in 2012. 

Kristen is a versatile leader with a proven track record managing development of web ecosystems for employee collaboration, knowledge sharing, data analysis, and product development. With Zia Consulting, Kristen works with organizations of all different sizes and industry verticals to define, drive and execute on their content goals. She is a mobile specialist, focusing on how mobile interfaces can be developed and deployed to move business content management off of the desktop – providing people the freedom to access, create and edit content – regardless of location.

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