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Christopher S Carter

General Manager

Picture of Christopher S CarterChris has been obsessively studying languages and linguistics since he was 12 years old. After graduating from the College of William and Mary, with concentrations in both Linguistics and Theatre, Chris was a union Stage Manager for grand opera and theatre for several years. But then he officially returned to his passion, languages, and he has now been working in the language services industry for over 10 years. Chris is currently the General Manager at aLanguageBank, a multilingual content development agency in New York City.

During and after college, he also formally studied Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Gamification. Chris widely studied psychometrics for language testing and now serves as the Chief Consultant on Test Development for BilingualBility, Inc. 

Chris has been serving on the Leadership Council for the Association of Language Companies (ALC) for three years, and he was the Chairman of the Conference Committee for their 2013 annual conference. He is also an active member and volunteer in other organizations such as the Globalization and Localization Association and the American Translators Association.

These days, when not running his business, Chris writes for trade magazines, speak at conferences and reads several hundred articles a month about futurism, technology, economics, sociology, and – of course – languages.

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